WinDivert: Windows Packet Divert

Windows Packet Divert (WinDivert) is a user-mode packet capture-and-divert package for Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows Server.

WinDivert allows user-mode applications to capture/modify/drop network packets sent to/from the Windows network stack. In summary, WinDivert can:

  • capture network packets
  • filter/drop network packets
  • sniff network packets
  • (re)inject network packets
  • modify network packets

WinDivert can be used to implement user-mode packet filters, packet sniffers, firewalls, NAT, VPNs, tunneling applications, etc.

The main features of WinDivert include:

  • packet interception, sniffing, or dropping modes
  • supports loopback (localhost) traffic
  • full IPv6 support
  • network layer
  • simple yet powerful API
  • high-level filtering language
  • filter priorities
  • silent installation
  • freely available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)

➢ Documentation and Samples

➢ Source Repository

The source code for WinDivert is hosted on GitHub:

Note that the repository version of WinDivert should generally be considered unstable.

➢ Download

The following source packages for WinDivert are available:

The following binary packages for WinDivert are available.


  1. The WinDivert A/B/C variants are identical except for the driver signature. For most applications it does not matter which variant is used.
  2. We would like to thank our sponsor(s) who helped sign the drivers: Commercial users of WinDivert ought to sign the driver with their own certificate, if possible.
  3. To use WinDivert, please ensure that the application has Administrator privileges, or else WinDivert will fail to load.

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The following projects use WinDivert:

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